Natama Design is a brand of accessories launched in 2015 by Natalia Facoetti who inherited from her father, the founder and creative director of Beppe Facoetti Bijoux, not just his wise savoir fare but also a sense of aesthetics, which brings her today to create collections that go right into your heart with an extraordinary and experimental hint.

Keyword: absolute rigid neat lines

Everything is geometric: forms are side-by-side, combining, and melting in harmony.

The results are bright and vibrant jewels, made of gold plated brass and Swarovski crystals of pure light.

Always present at White in Milan, the main Italian expo dedicated to women’s fashion, Natama Design is a symbol of a new Made in Italy that is younger, more iconic, and provocative: the expressive ideal code of experimentation.

Natalia Facoetti has a degree in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic Institute. She expresses her creative talent in jewels where lines and segments marry perfection giving birth to new and essential absolute shapes, eliminating what is obvious and adding only what is more important.

It is proceeding by subtraction until you get to the real essence: refined inlays and laser cut motifs impress matter creating light and tense volumes redesigning the true concept of jewels with a more contemporary and cutting-edge feel.

Because if a good design is obvious, a great design is almost transparent and it is sublimation.

Sold in selected stores all over the world and created combining the most sophisticated high technology with the most pure handcraft skills, Natama Design jewels are created for women with strong personalities who love to wear accessories of important dimensions and with original and innovative forms.

The Scandinavian design, so minimal and neat, is a reference point for Natalia Facoetti. Her creations of high quality and so full of style are very much recognizable on the market.

When she is creating her jewels following multiple inspirations and cultural suggestions, the guideline for the designer is passion for beauty tout court; from an ideal field she translates into reality emotional items that are so seductive at first sight.

Natama Design is emotion and its jewels are expression of a wise creativity that declines the concept of femminity with an avant-garde feel proposing jewels that are authentic masterpieces of style and elegance.

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